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Agricultural Solar Services in Lancaster, PA

Powerstream Solar designs custom solar systems to maximize your farm’s energy independence and reduce reliance on volatile energy costs.
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Solar Power for Your Business

Unlocking the Potential of Solar Energy in 2024

We are excited to present an unparalleled opportunity for family farms to harness solar power like never before.

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Thanks to the USDA REAP Grant, eligible farms can cover up to 50% of the cost of their solar installation. Coupled with a 30% Federal Tax Credit and the significant savings from depreciation, your investment in solar energy promises a swift return.
Our team at PowerStream has a proven track record of winning grants, collaborating with the industry’s most proficient grant writers to ensure your farm receives the maximum financial advantage.
Why Choose Powerstream Solar

for Your Agricultural Solar Needs

Choosing PowerStream Solar for your agricultural solar needs comes down to our unwavering commitment to supporting small family farms and ensuring their sustainability for future generations.

Expertise in Grants

Leverage our experience in securing dozens of grants, reducing the financial burden of transitioning to solar.

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Personalized Service

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a team that treats your farm with the care and attention it deserves.

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Sustainable Future

Invest in solar energy and take a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable agricultural practice that benefits not just your farm, but the entire planet.

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Solar Power for Your Business

Join the Solar Revolution Today

Embracing solar energy is more than just an investment in your farm—it’s a commitment to ensuring the longevity and prosperity of small family farms for generations to come. Let us help you navigate the journey to solar power, turning the challenges of today into the successes of tomorrow.
Ready to explore how solar agricultural services can transform your farm? Contact us today and take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.
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